THE EDGE OF RUIN by Melinda Snodgrass out Tomorrow in the UK!


THE EDGE OF RUIN, the second novel in Melinda Snodgrass‘s acclaimed Edge Series will be published tomorrow by Titan Books in the UK!

The sequel to THE EDGE OF REASON, George R.R. Martin has described the series as a blend of H.P. Lovecraft and H. L. Mencken, which ‘will delight thinkers — and outrage true believers — of all stripes.’ Here’s the synopsis…

A contemporary fantasy that explores the tensions between science and rationality, religion and superstition. An intelligent blend of Dante’s Infernoand Urban Fantasy…

Richard Oort, now CEO of Lumina Enterprises, has learned that an interdimensional gate has given the terrifying and grotesquely gluttonous Old Ones access to our universe. Richard tries to get the U.S. government to intervene before a rising tide of irrationality abetted by religious leaders and spiritual hucksters reduces humanity to madness.

Here are a couple more reviews of the series…

‘Snodgrass has a thick, meaty writing style that will satisfy the hungriest reader… she deftly weaves [her characters’] stories together to bind the interest and excitement of the story. Events in this novel will challenge the beliefs and thought systems of many and leave readers questioning themselves – but in a highly satisfying manner.’ — RT Book Reviews on THE EDGE OF RUIN

‘Peopled with a richly drawn cast of characters… the story is a big, complex and ambitious tale that rarely rests and demands the reader’s full attention. Thee ideas are provocative, strongly so… Readers looking for a thoughtful, action-packed and fascinating story, this one is for you. Strongly recommended.’ — SF Revu on THE EDGE OF RUIN

‘[A] gritty narrative of a war between light and dark… Balanc[es] a harsh critique of organized religion with touches of humor and a good-hearted priest who grounds his faith in the Golden Rule…’ — Publishers Weekly on THE EDGE OF REASON

‘This riveting tale resonates on many levels. Snodgrass entertains while skillfully raising questions about the origins of religion and technology that may offend some readers. There are chills and thrills aplenty, as well as food for thought. The characters are good, especially the hero’s emotional upheaval. You’ll be hooked until the end.’ — RT Book Reviews on THE EDGE OF REASON

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New Deal: IMPERIALS by Melinda Snodgrass sells to Titan!

MelindaSnodgrass-AuthorPicWe are very happy to report that Miranda Jewess at  Titan Books has acquired UK and Commonwealth publishing rights to a new series by Melinda Snodgrass, in a five-book deal! The series, Imperials, is a fantastic, high-energy science fiction saga, set against a vast backdrop of interstellar war and adventure that will appeal to fans of Star WarsStar Trek, Ender’s Game, and the novels of Elizabeth Moon, Tanya Huff and Kevin J. Anderson.

Here is the series synopsis…

The Imperials series opens with THE HIGH GROUND, in which we follow the lowborn son of a tailor and the high-born daughter of the Emperor. Their destinies become
entwined when, coming of age, they reluctantly enter the elite military space academy, The High Ground, bowing to their parent’s expectations.

Thus begins a saga spanning thirty years, telling of their adventures, trials and tribulations. We will trace their lives through military service, court-martials, and civil war. The story will culminate in a confrontation with an alien species capable of eradicating all life in the galaxy.

Along the way, alliances, love affairs and bitter enmities will be forged; an ancient alien manipulation of human development will be discovered; and however high our protagonists may rise, or however low they may fall, it is the people they meet in that first year at the academy that will forever leave their mark on the lives of our heroes.

Their actions will have a profound impact on the politics of this universe, and the very survival of the human race…

Currently the five novels that make up the series have the following working titles, but these may be subject to change: THE HIGH GROUND, SNARED IN EVIL TIMES, TIME AND CHANCE, A TRIUMVIRATE OF HATE, and BREAKING THE YOKE. Titan will also published these in the US, and we expect the first of these to appear on both sides of the Atlantic sometime in 2015.

Melinda is the author of The Edge Series, which also recently sold to Titan Books and is currently scheduled for publication in 2015. She is also a co-editor for George R.R. Martin’s Wild Cards, a shared-world urban fantasy series (published in the UK by Gollancz). In the past, she has also written fan-favourite TV episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Sliders, among others.

Zeno represents Melinda Snodgrass in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of Kay McCauley of Aurous, Inc.

Ian Tregillis’s MILKWEED Trilogy Coming to Germany!


We are delighted to announce that Festa Verlag has acquired German rights for Ian Tregillis‘s superb Milkweed TriptychBITTER SEEDS, THE COLDEST WAR, and NECESSARY EVIL! The trilogy has been published in the UK by Orbit Books, the US by Tor Books, and in Spain by DeBolsillo.

Here’s the synopsis for BITTER SEEDS

The year is 1939. Raybould Marsh and other members of British Intelligence have gathered to watch a damaged reel of film in a darkened room. It appears to show German troops walking through walls, bursting into flames and hurling tanks into the air from afar.

If the British are to believe their eyes, a twisted Nazi scientist has been endowing German troops with unnatural, unstoppable powers. And Raybould will be forced to resort to dark methods to hold the impending invasion at bay.

But dealing with the occult exacts a price. And that price must be paid in blood.

The Milkweed novels have been a huge critical hit on both sides of the Atlantic. Here is just a small taste of the praise…

‘Tregillis… has created a unique, unsettling, and deeply atmospheric setting; populated it with a diversity of grimly fascinating characters; and turned up the heat with the sort of plot that requires those characters to keep shoveling frantically if they are ever to stay in advance of the needs of the firebox… These are the book’s strengths – its atmosphere, its setting, the vividly imagined consequences of immoral and desperate actions… All in all, this is an excellent first book…’  —  Tor.Com

‘You should read BITTER SEEDS because of the brutal effect of this concocted mix of science, magic and grey characters. If you are looking for a new and exciting voice in fantasy and science-fiction or a voice that rings true on the tolls of war, then look no further than Ian Tregillis.’  —  Ranting Dragon

‘… engrossing… Tregillis ably mixes cold war paranoia with his mythology, also nicely expanding characters (particularly Gretel)… The monstrous, extra-dimensional Eidolons add a genuinely convincing menace that transcends the more banal evil motivations of the political game players, although Gretel’s more complicated motivations really drive the action. A few nice twists keep things interesting, and the cliffhanger ending sets up the concluding volume quite well…’  —  Publishers Weekly on THE COLDEST WAR

‘… something like a cross between the devious, character-driven spy fiction of early John le Carré and the mad science fantasy of the X-Men… Despite the jaw-dropping backdrop and oblique plotting, the narrative is driven by character and personal circumstance, the only possible drawback being certain important developments that annoyingly take place offstage. Grim indeed, yet eloquent and utterly compelling.’  —  Kirkus (Starred Review, “Best of 2012”) on THE COLDEST WAR

‘With NECESSARY EVIL… Ian Tregillis triumphantly concludes his astonishing, brilliant, pulse-pounding debut trilogy… This is a book that veers precipitously from unexpected and chilling ruminations on the inherent evil of precognition; to the questions of loyalty and betrayal so thorny that they need a time-travel loop to really be explored; to spy-thriller action sequences that will keep you up under the covers with a flashlight, turning pages and unable to sleep. This is a remarkable set of books, and with all three in hand, would make a fabulous spring read.’  —  BoingBoing

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