Elizabeth Helen

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Elizabeth Helen is the combined pen-name of sister writing duo, Elizabeth and Helen. Elizabeth and Helen write fantasy romance, and love creating enchanting adventures for their characters. When they’re not writing, you can find them snuggling their cats, exploring their rainforest home, or rolling the dice for a game of Dungeons & Dragons.

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Grady Hendrix

Grady Hendrix is a bestselling, critically-acclaimed horror writer, journalist, and one of the founders of the New York Asian Film Festival. A former film critic for the New York Sun, Grady has also written for Slate, the Village Voice, Time Out New York, Playboy, and Variety.

His novel THE SOUTHERN BOOK CLUB’S GUIDE TO SLAYING VAMPIRES was a New York Times bestseller, and his non-fiction PAPERBACKS FROM HELL won him the Bram Stoker Award. Grady Hendrix’s books have been reviewed everywhere from the Washington Post to the Guardian, and he has been profiled in The New Yorker.

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Charlaine Harris

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It has taken twenty-five years of hard work for Charlaine Harris to become an overnight success. She has written all sorts from poetry and plays to novels in many genres – mysteries, crime, romance – but it is her supernatural stories that have turned her into a true global superstar. The hugely popular Sookie Stackhouse series about a “telepathic Louisiana barmaid and friend to vampires, werewolves, and various other odd creatures” has been published in Japan, Greece, Germany, Thailand, Spain, France, and Russia as well as here and, of course in the US and this list of territories continues to expand.

In 2008, Alan Ball (creator of Six Feet Under) produced True Blood a TV series for HBO based on Charlaine’s Southern Vampire Mysteries (starring Oscar winner Anna Paquin as the heroine) and the huge success of the series has catapulted the author to a whole new level. More recently, Charlaine’s Aurora Teagarden and Midnight Texas series have also been developed for television.

Charlaine is also the author of eight Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, five Lily Bard Mysteries, four Harper Connelly thrillers; and two stand-alone thrillers, SWEET AND DEADLY and A SECRET RAGE – all of which have been reissued in 2013 by Gollancz, in the UK.

Harris knows how to keep her plots bubbling along nicely, but also brings plenty of colour to her evocation of the Deep South, and keeps the supernatural side of the story on a believable level. The sexy, enjoyable relationships never overwhelm the story, and the whole mixture is helped by a main character who’s humane, flawed, and genuine fun to be around. Harris has also learned the most important trick of this style of mystery series. If you’re in the mood for some genuinely entertaining page-turners, with a dash of blood-red horror … give Sookie Stackhouse a try. She’s slowly gathering a cult following, so be prepared to hear more of her…” — SFX

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Sylvia Hunter

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Sylvia Izzo Hunter was born in Calgary, Alberta, back in the days before Star Wars, and started making up stories at approximately the time she learned to talk. A couple of decades ago she moved to Toronto, Ontario, where she now lives with her husband and daughter. She studied English and French literature (with a particular focus on medieval and Renaissance poetry and drama) at York University.

Hunter is the author of the Midnight Queen series, published in the UK by Allison & Busby: THE MIDNIGHT QUEEN and the upcoming LADY OF MAGICK. A third novel in the series, A SEASON OF SPELLS, is forthcoming. The series is a historical fantasy, set in an alternative Regency England.

You can find more information about Sylvia’s writing and series at her website: on her blog and also on her FAQ page.

Sylvia is also on Twitter: @sylwritesthings

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Christopher Husberg

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Christopher Husberg was born in Eagle River, Alaska and raised on a diet of Warcraft, Roald Dahl and J.R.R. Tolkien. At school he made the transition to authors like Robert Jordan and George R. R. Martin, and started writing fan fiction.

It was as an English Major at Brigham Young University that Chris started writing in earnest and, in 2010, he was accepted into BYU’s MFA Creative Writing programme. He went on to teach part of the course. His short story collection LOOK ME IN THE STARS received an honourable mention in the 2013 Utah Original Writing Competition. He now lives with his wife in Utah.

His debut novel DUSKFALL, and the entire five-book Chaos Queen series, has sold to Titan Books in a World English deal. The final book, DAWNRISE will be published in Summer 2020.

Check out Chris’s blog and follow him on Twitter.

Agent Contact: John Berlyne

Mark Hodder

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Mark Hodder is descended from John Angell, a pirate who sailed with Captain Kidd. According to family legend, Angell invested most of his ill-gotten gains in land, particularly in Angell Town near Brixton in London. Anyone who can provide irrefutable legal evidence that they’re descended from Angell will inherit the land, which is estimated to now be worth at least 64 million pounds. Over the course of generations, members of the family, seeking to gain the fortune, have lost one in trying to prove the link, and hordes of people who have no connection with the family at all have adopted the name in order to make a claim. As a result, the family tree is extremely tangled and a legal connection to the pirate’s treasure is almost certainly impossible to establish.

Mark’s great-grandfather was Doctor Albert Leigh, who went to medical school with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The two men were great friends—they joined the Freemasons together—and Sir Arthur presented Albert with a complete set of Sherlock Holmes first editions, all inscribed: To dear Leigh, from your friend Doyle. They would fetch a fortune at auction today. Unfortunately, upon Leigh’s death in 1944, his housekeeper, an actress, made off with the volumes and they’ve never been seen since.

Thus it is that two great fortunes have eluded Mark Hodder.

Denied money-for-nothing and the luxury, idleness, and indulgences it would bring, Mark lives in Spain and writes novels. His first Burton & Swinburne adventure—THE STRANGE AFFAIR OF SPRING HEELED JACK—was published in 2010 and promptly won the Philip K. Dick Award. Three sequels followed, THE CURIOUS CASE OF THE CLOCKWORK MAN, EXPEDITION TO THE MOUNTAINS OF THE MOON and THE SECRET OF ABDU EL YEZDI. In addition, Del Rey UK have published Mark’s science fiction novel, A RED SUN ALSO RISES.

Mark’s blog can be found here.

He also runs BLAKIANA, a site dedicated to the fictional British detective, Sexton Blake.

Agent Contact: John Berlyne

Tanya Huff

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TANYA HUFF is one of today’s most popular fantasy/sf authors. Following three years in the Canadian Naval Reserve, a year studying forestry, a winter hanging around Universal Studios backlot, studies for a degree in radio and television arts and some time selling sunglasses off a pushcart after budget cuts led to a staff reduction at the CBC, she turned to writing in the mid-80s, and now resides in rural Ontario, a few hours from Toronto.

Beginning with the Novels of Crystal (Child of the Grove and The Last Wizard) in 1988 and 1989, Tanya has written a diverse array of fantasies. These range from her highly popular Blood books (Blood Price, Blood Trail& etc.) which mix vampires, fantasy and romance and are the basis of the TV series Blood Ties which premièred in the US on Lifetime in March 2007 and is to be shown worldwide. Other series by Huff include the Torin Kerr military sf novels, the Quarters novels, and humorous fantasies, The Keeper Chronicles.

Tanya’s life-long US publisher is DAW Books, which moved her into hardcover in 2004 for her new Smoke series, a stand-alone spin-off from her enormously popular Blood series. Besides her DAW Books, Tanya has written Scholar of Decay, a novel set in TSR’s Ravenloft universe which is to be reissued in Fall 2007, and the short story collections What Ho Magic, Relative Magic and Stealing Magic. She has garnered foreign sales in France, Germany, Japan, Poland, Russia and Spain, and in the US alone over 1,200,000 copies of her work are in print.

In mid-2013, Titan Books acquired UK publishing rights for Tanya’s Confederation and Enchantment Emporium series, as well as her 2013 Aurora Award-winning novel THE SILVERED.

Agent Contact: John Berlyne

Andrew Hodges

Andrew Hodges is unusual for combining his work as a professional mathematician with writing of a distinctive personal and historical character. In 1983 he published ALAN TURING: THE ENIGMA, a biography of Alan Turing (1912-1954) which succeeded in wrapping together Turing’s life as the founder of computer science, chief World War II codebreaker and as persecuted gay man.

Andrew Hodges’s work brought this hidden story to a wide readership and it has remained in print ever since. It has appeared in numerous translations, and was dramatised for stage and television by High Whitemore under the title Breaking the Code.

Andrew Hodges has subsequently published a shorter text on Turing as a philosopher (1997), numerous articles and reviews, and maintains a large website devoted to Turing.

In 2007 he published a popular book on mathematics, One to Nine, which is now currently appearing in several translations.

He is a Fellow of Wadham College, University of Oxford. His main work is on a new approach to fundamental physics called ‘twistor string theory’, which was initiated by Sir Roger Penrose, and which Andrew Hodges hopes one day to explain to a wider readership.

Agent Contact: John Berlyne