ALAN TURING: THE ENIGMA New Audiobook Edition is Out Now

Andrew Hodges‘s acclaimed, best-selling ALAN TURING: THE ENIGMA is available now in a new UK audiobook edition. Published by W. F. Howes, and read by Gordon Griffin, here’s the synopsis…

The official book behind the Academy Award-winning film The Imitation Game, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley

Alan Turing was the mathematician whose cipher-cracking transformed the Second World War. Taken on by British Intelligence in 1938, as a shy young Cambridge don, he combined brilliant logic with a flair for engineering. In 1940 his machines were breaking the Enigma-enciphered messages of Nazi Germany’s air force. He then headed the penetration of the super-secure U-boat communications.

But his vision went far beyond this achievement. Before the war he had invented the concept of the universal machine, and in 1945 he turned this into the first design for a digital computer.

Turing’s far-sighted plans for the digital era forged ahead into a vision for Artificial Intelligence. However, in 1952 his homosexuality rendered him a criminal and he was subjected to humiliating treatment. In 1954, aged 41, Alan Turing took his own life.

As mentioned in the synopsis above, Hodges’s book was adapted into the acclaimed, Oscar-winning hit movie The Imitation Game. The print and eBook editions of ALAN TURING: THE ENIGMA are published by Vintage in the UK, and Princeton University Press in North America.

Here are just a few of the many great reviews Hodges’s book has received…

  • ‘A first-rate presentation of the life of a first-rate scientific mind… it is hard to imagine a more thoughtful and warm biography than this one.’  —  Douglas Hofstadter, New York Times Book Review

    ‘One of the finest scientific biographies I’ve ever read: authoritative, superbly researched, deeply sympathetic and beautifully told.’  —  Sylvia Nasar, author of A Beautiful Mind

    ‘Andrew Hodge’s book is of exemplary scholarship and sympathy. Intimate, perceptive and insightful, it’s also the most readable biography I’ve picked up in some time.’  —  Time Out

    ‘One of the finest scientific biographies ever written.’  —  New Yorker

    ‘This rather shadowy figure has now finally been lifted into the light of day… it has to be said that Andrew Hodges has put together an extraordinary story.’  —  Sunday Telegraph

    ‘Hodges’s biography is sensitive, sympathetic and uncompromisingly intellectual. The maths is extremely hard work – but helps the lay reader to appreciate the scale of Turing’s achievements.’  —  Brandon Robsaw, Independent on Sunday

    ‘Life and work are both made enthralling by Hodges, himself a scientist.’  —  Sunday Times

    ‘Andrew Hodges, in this fine biography… brings Turing the thinker and Turing the man alive for the reader and thus allows us all to share in the privilege of knowing him.’  —  Financial Times

    ‘This book has a great deal to offer: clear technical descriptions set against their backgrounds; the story of a man largely at odds with the system he lived in; and the puzzle of Alan Turing himself.’  —  Times Higher Education Supplement

    ‘Save your money for the forthcoming new edition of Alan Turing: The Enigma by Andrew Hodges, regarded by many as one of the greatest biographies of anyone, let alone Turing.’  —  Robert Matthews, BBC Focus Magazine

MJ Wassmer’s ZERO STARS, DO NOT RECOMMEND is out Today in the UK!

MJ Wassmer‘s highly-anticipated debut, ZERO STARS, DO NOT RECOMMEND is out today in the UK! A humorous, laugh-out-loud take on the apocalypse, it’s published by Zaffre Books. Here’s the synopsis…

What happens when you’re on holiday and the sun explodes?

> Passport
> Suncream
> Apocalypse???

Professional underachiever Dan Foster is finally taking a break. Sure, his life has been average at best and, yes, he has never has quite lived up to his potential. But after a few Bud Lights in paradise with his girlfriend Mara, things are starting to look up.

Then the sun explodes.

With the island suddenly plunged into darkness, the ultra-rich guests hijack the remaining supplies and declare themselves the new ruling class. Led by a fitness influencer turned ruthless dictator, martial law is declared and the hoi polloi are press-ganged into service. And it’s just Dan’s luck that he could land an even worse job while on holiday.

As temperatures drop and class tensions rise, Dan might have found a way for himself and Mara to escape the island. But sneaking away would also mean abandoning the burgeoning revolution that he might-have-kind-of-sort-of single-handedly started.

The novel racked up a number of great advance reviews. Here are just a handful of them…

‘A life-or-death action-packed debut… a romp and a page-turner… Wassmer’s debut novel succeeds in being the opposite of its title. He might become a new favorite for fans of John Scalzi and David Wong.’ — Library Journal (Starred Review)

‘This is Lord Of The Flies meets an all-inclusive bar, with incredible results. MJ Wassmer has written a totally original brainmelter — part thriller, part comedy, and part inspiring love story.’ — Alice Bell, author of Grave Expectations and Displeasure Island

‘Fresh, fun, and completely brilliant. ZERO STARS, DO NOT RECOMMEND combines a terrifyingly plausible apocalyptic fallout with an utterly original comedic voice. Who would have thought the end of the world could be this much fun!’ — Sarah Bonner, author of Her Perfect Twin and Her Sweet Revenge

‘The end of the world has never been so fun! Explosively funny and terrifyingly plausible in its depiction of the apocalypse, this cinematic debut had me LOLing, cringing and cheering throughout. I absolutely blazed through this earth-shattering action romp.’ — Josh Winning, author of The Shadow Glass

Zeno represents MJ Wassmer in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of the JABberwocky Literary Agency in New York.

New CHRONICLES OF AMBER Omnibus Published Tomorrow in Russia!

Tomorrow, fanzon/Эксмо are due to publish a new Chronicles of Amber omnibus. Девять принцев Амбера. Ружья Авалона collects the first two novels in Roger Zelazny‘s classic, beloved series: NINE PRINCES IN AMBER and THE GUNS OF AVALON.

Два первых романа цикла «Хроники Амбера» — грандиозной саги мастера фэнтези Роджера Желязны.

«Девять принцев Амбера»

Карл Кори приходит в себя в частной клинике и с амнезией после автокатастрофы. Сбежав оттуда, он начинает расследование, по крупицам собирая правду о самом себе. Оказывается, что он — Корвин, один из принцев Амбера, вечного города, тенью которого является наша Земля, как и все остальные миры мультивселенной. Трон пустует, и за него идет отчаянная борьба между наследниками. Вернув свою память в магическом лабиринте, Корвин присоединяется к армии брата Блейза, выступившего против общего врага — Эрика, брата-узурпатора. Смогут ли их войска пройти через множество миров и захватить Амбер?

«Ружья Авалона»

Сбежав из заключения, принц Корвин отправляется в Авалон, Тень, которой он когда-то правил столетия назад. У него есть секрет, он позволит ему завоевать Амбер и свергнуть Эрика. Но проклятие, которое произнес Корвин, принесло свои мрачные плоды. В каждый из миров проникло зло, а демонические легионы маршируют по Черной Дороге, протянувшейся сквозь мультивселенную почти до самых врат Амбера. Куда ведет Черная Дорога и какие силы командуют этими армиями?

Роджер Желязны — классик мировой фантастики и один из ярчайших представителей ее «новой волны», шесть раз удостоившийся премии «Хьюго» и три раза — премии «Небьюла». Он перенес акцент с роботов и звездолетов на внутренний мир человека. Книги Желязны переведены на десятки языков мира и по праву стоят в ряду лучшей интеллектуальной прозы XX столетия.

The Chronicles of Amber are published in the UK by Gollancz, collected into two omnibus editions, each containing five books. Here’s the synopsis for the first collection…

Amber is the one real world, casting infinite reflections of itself – Shadow worlds, that can be manipulated by those of royal Amberite blood. But the royal family is torn apart by jealousies and suspicion; the disappearance of the Patriarch Oberon has intensified the internal conflict by leaving the throne apparently up for grabs.

In a hospital on the Shadow Earth, a young man is recovering from a freak car accident; amnesia has robbed him of all his memory, even the fact that he is Corwin, Crown Prince of Amber, rightful heir to the throne – and he is in deadly peril…

The five books, Nine Princes in Amber, The Guns of Avalon, Sign of the Unicorn, The Hand of Oberon and The Courts of Chaos, together make up The Chronicles of Amber, Roger Zelazny’s finest work of fantasy and an undisputed classic of the genre.

ICYMI: Travis Baldree’s GOBLINS & GREATCOATS is Out Now!

In case you missed the news last week: GOBLINS & GREATCOATS, a novella by Travis Baldree, is out now! Not only that, but it’s free from Subterranean Press! Just head on over to their website to get your eBook.

GOBLINS & GREATCOATS is set in the same world as the author’s best-selling and highly-acclaimed Legends & Lattes novels. Here’s the synopsis…

A goblin with too many pockets and a disturbing affinity for cutlery, a rain-soaked night, four adventurers, a pair of corpses, a junk-drawer knife, some unfortunate taxidermy, and a beleaguered Gatewarden…

These are the primary ingredients in a locked-room mystery that can only be solved by the Territory’s most unlikely detective.

Her name is Zyll.

Her eyes are keen, her teeth are sharp, and the chaos of her passing leaves no murder unsolved.

Cover artwork by Alicia Ramos Castillo.

Baldree’s LEGENDS & LATTES and BOOKSHOPS & BONEDUST (a prequel) are published by Tor Books in the UK and North America, and very widely in translation.

‘This is a story about following your dreams, even when they take you away from who you thought you had to be. It’s sweet, beautiful and, most of all, kind. I hugely recommend this book.’ — Seanan McGuireNew York Times bestselling author of Every Heart A Doorway

‘The most fun I’ve ever had in a coffee shop.’ — Ben Aaronovitch, bestselling author of Rivers of London, on LEGENDS & LATTES

‘A gentle little cozy set against an epic fantasy backdrop… This charming outing will please anyone who’s ever wished to spend time in a fantasy world without all the quests and battles.’ — Publishers Weekly on LEGENDS & LATTES

‘This slice-of-life cozy fantasy novel has everything you’ve been searching for.’ Buzzfeed on LEGENDS & LATTES

‘Bestseller Baldree’s cozy standalone sequel to LEGENDS & LATTES shows that even a battle-hungry orc can find happiness in life’s simple pleasures… The innocent joy of Viv and Fern’s love is delightful and Baldree’s formula of placing low-stakes stories in high-fantasy settings remains good fun. Series fans will eat this up.’ — Publishers Weekly on BOOKSHOPS & BONEDUST

‘This prequel gives readers a glimpse of Viv as a young orc, still committed to the fighter’s life, just taking an enforced break in a charming town populated by compelling, richly drawn characters, and the slightest hint of danger in the wind. Despite the lurking necromancer, the vibes are decidedly warm and cozy, and the plot is just as much about saving the bookstore and building relationships as it is about protecting the town from the man in gray. As a prequel, it can stand alone, but will certainly satisfy fans as well. Warm and wonderful.’ — Kirkus (Starred Review) on BOOKSHOPS & BONEDUST

‘This prequel gives readers a glimpse of Viv as a young orc, still committed to the fighter’s life, just taking an enforced break in a charming town populated by compelling, richly drawn characters, and the slightest hint of danger in the wind. Despite the lurking necromancer, the vibes are decidedly warm and cozy, and the plot is just as much about saving the bookstore and building relationships as it is about protecting the town from the man in gray. As a prequel, it can stand alone, but will certainly satisfy fans as well. Warm and wonderful.’ — Literary Hub on BOOKSHOPS & BONEDUST

‘What Baldree does he does well. His prose is direct and engaging without being simple, even if he does throw in a distractingly clever turn of phrase on occasion… Mostly, though, BOOKSHOPS & BONEDUST is the story equivalent of a warm blanket on a bleak day.’ — Locus

New Romanian Edition of LEGENDS & LATTES Out Now!

The Romanian edition of Travis Baldree‘s best-selling and critically-acclaimed LEGENDS & LATTES is out now! Published by Alice Books, as LEGENDE & LATTE, it was translated by Iulia Dromereschi. Here’s the synopsis…

După un trai cu vărsare de sânge și recompense, Viv își agață, în sfârșit, paloșul în cui.

Orca sătulă de lupte își propune să o ia de la început și să deschidă prima cafenea din orașul Thune. Dar rivali vechi și noi stau în calea succesului ei – ca să nu mai spunem că nimeni nu are nici cea mai vagă idee ce este cafeaua.

Dacă Viv vrea să lase trecutul în urmă și să-și îndeplinească planurile, nu va reuși de una singură.

Dar adevărata răsplată a drumului neexplorat o reprezintă călătorii pe care îi întâlnești pe parcurs. Și fie că sunt aduși laolaltă de magia străveche, de foitaje sau de o ceașcă de cafea proaspătă, ar putea deveni parteneri, o familie și ceva mai profund decât și-ar fi putut închipui vreodată.

Tor Books publishes LEGENDS & LATTES — and its prequel, BOOKSHOPS & BONEDUST — in the UK and North America. It was a best-seller in both territories. The novel is also available in an ever-growing number of translated editions (more details can be found on Travis’s author page).

Here’s the English-language synopsis…

A cosy, heartwarming slice-of-life fantasy about found families and fresh starts,Legends & Lattes is perfect for fans of TJ Klune, Katherine Addison and T. Kingfisher. From the Hugo Award-winning author, Travis Baldree.

High fantasy, low stakes – with a double-shot of coffee.

After decades of adventuring, Viv the orc barbarian is finally hanging up her sword for good. Now she sets her sights on a new dream – for she plans to open the first coffee shop in the city of Thune. Even though no one there knows what coffee actually is.

If Viv wants to put the past behind her, she can’t go it alone. And help might arrive from unexpected quarters. Yet old rivals and new stand in the way of success. And Thune’s shady underbelly could make it all too easy for Viv to take up the blade once more.

But the true reward of the uncharted path is the travellers you meet along the way. Whether bound by ancient magic, delicious pastries or a freshly brewed cup, they may become something deeper than Viv ever could have imagined…

And here are just a few of the great reviews LEGENDS & LATTES has received so far…

‘This is a story about following your dreams, even when they take you away from who you thought you had to be. It’s sweet, beautiful and, most of all, kind. I hugely recommend this book.’ — Seanan McGuireNew York Times bestselling author of Every Heart A Doorway

‘The most fun I’ve ever had in a coffee shop.’ — Ben Aaronovitch, bestselling author of Rivers of London

‘A gentle little cozy set against an epic fantasy backdrop… This charming outing will please anyone who’s ever wished to spend time in a fantasy world without all the quests and battles.’ — Publishers Weekly

‘This slice-of-life cozy fantasy novel has everything you’ve been searching for.’ — Buzzfeed

‘With its mysterious encounters, summer flings and a growing number of skeletons, Baldree’s fantastical novel is the perfect winter indulgence.’ — HuffPost Books (“Best Books We Read in 2023)

‘A stunningly-well done story at every level’ — Fantasy Faction

‘If you like fantasy but you’re tired of reading about wars and general intensity, this is the book for you… Cozy fantasy at its best.’ — Literary Hub

LEGENDS & LATTES isn’t just a cosy, slice-of-life fantasy, it is a hug after a long day, it’s that first bite of chocolate you’ve been desperately craving or that first sip of coffee, it’s pyjamas and blankets and everything else which brings comfort and warmth. This is a tale so simple yet so wholesome and adorable, it has made me see just how versatile the fantasy genre can be… Believe the hype… this book deserves all the praise… Baldree delivers a tale to soothe the soul, a tale which had me smiling and crying with happiness from beginning to end.’ — Fantasy Hive


STRAY CAT BLUES #2, written by Andrew Cartmel and Ben Aaronovitch, is out today! Published by Titan Comics on June 26th, it’s the second issue in the 12th Rivers of London comics series. The issue features fantastic artwork by José María Beroy (who has worked on many of the Rivers of London series, now). Here’s the synopsis…

Old frenemies become allies in the latest Rivers of London saga, when a mysterious cat-woman comes to Abigail looking for help to free her sisters from a notorious chimera brothel run by London gangster Monty and his sinister magically endowed mother, Mrs. Napier.

The issue is available in both print and digital editions. There will be two variant covers for the issue: the first (above) by VV Glass, and the second (below) by David M Buisan.

The comic series is set in the same world as Ben Aaronovitch’s internationally-best selling Rivers of London/Peter Grant series of novels and novellas. If you’d like to know how the various series and books fit together, check out the info-graphic below…

Jonathan Carroll’s Back-List to be Re-Issued!

We are very happy to report that select titles from Jonathan Carroll‘s acclaimed, award-winning backlist are being reissued! In partnerships with JABberwocky Literary Agency, six of Carroll’s titles will be available as eBooks and, in some instances print editions. These six titles are the first in a planned, wider roll-out of the author’s entire catalogue.

The first six titles to be available are as follows…

  • THE LAND OF LAUGHS (Carroll’s renowned debut)
  • TEACHING THE DOG TO READ (a novella)
  • THE CROW’S DINNER (a non-fiction collection

They will all be published this summer, with select print editions to follow.

Jonathan Carroll is the author of more than twenty novels and numerous short stories and novellas. His works have been published in over thirty languages. He is beloved by fellow authors, with Stephen King deeming him “as scary as Hitchcock” and Neil Gaiman counting Carroll as one of his favorite living writers.

THE LAND OF LAUGHS was first published in 1980 — the new edition is due to be published on July 16th. It follows a self-involved writer and a naïve puppeteer on their journey to the small town their favorite author, Marshall France, called home. Their quest to co-write a biography of France is quickly derailed by the sheer oddness of the town—and its striking resemblance to the worlds the author created. The novel is a deft combination of fantasy, speculative fiction, and magical realism, with a few talking dogs thrown in for good measure. It rightfully launched Carroll’s career, establishing him as a singular voice in genre fiction.

‘Jonathan Carroll’s storytelling is a magical dance of imagination and emotion, leaving readers spellbound with every word.’New York Times

‘With each novel, Jonathan Carroll defies expectations and pushes the boundaries of genre, reminding us of the power of storytelling to surprise, challenge, and move us.’Library Journal

‘Carroll’s novels are a masterclass in blending the ordinary with the extraordinary, delivering tales that are both hauntingly surreal and deeply human.’Guardian

‘Carroll’s prose is a symphony of vivid imagery and elegant language, painting landscapes that are as beautiful as they are unsettling.’Publishers Weekly

‘Reading Jonathan Carroll, one thinks of a blind person stroking a drugged tiger—an experience that is sensuous, dreamy, and dangerous all at once. And then, of course, the tiger wakes up.’Bruce Wagner, novelist and screenwriter

Carroll’s latest novel is MR. BREAKFAST, which is out now, published by Melville House.

Andrew Cartmel’s ASHRAM ASSASSIN is Out Now!

ASHRAM ASSASSIN, the second Paperback Sleuth novel by Andrew Cartmel is out now, in North America and in the UK! The ‘sublimely pitched’ (Kirkus) novel is published by Titan Books. Here’s the synopsis…

When a collection of rare and valuable volumes is stolen from a West London yoga ashram, its leaders turn to Cordelia, the Paperback Sleuth, to recover them — a request that’s a little awkward, as they’ve previously booted her out for dealing weed to the other students.

But once Cordelia takes the job, she finds her quest for the missing paperbacks turning into a murder hunt as those associated with the ashram can’t seem to avoid violent death — whether bludgeoned with a whisky bottle or poisoned by an admittedly delicious curry. Can she work out who the killer is and bring them to justice before she ends up as the next victim?

DEATH IN FINE CONDITION, the first book in the series, is also published by Titan Books.

Publishers Weekly had the following to say about DEATH IN FINE CONDITION, in their starred review…

‘Cartmel (the Vinyl Detective mysteries) has never been better than in this darkly funny series kickoff centered on London bookseller Cordelia Stanmer, a former addict who has fallen in love with vintage paperbacks and has no scruples about how she’ll feed her growing collection… Cordelia is a memorable, devilish antihero, and Cartmel’s delightfully dexterous plotting bodes well for a sequel. Fans of Lynne Truss’s Constable Twitten novels will find much to love.’

Titan also publishes Andrew’s widely-acclaimed Vinyl Detective novels — the first seven of which are out now: WRITTEN IN DEAD WAX, THE RUN-OUT GROOVE, VICTORY DISC, FLIP BACK, LOW ACTION, ATTACK AND DECAY, and NOISE FLOOR.

Lavie Tidhar’s THE CHILDREN’S BOOK OF THE FUTURE is out Tomorrow!

Lavie Tidhar‘s latest book for younger readers, THE CHILDREN’S BOOK OF THE FUTURE, is out tomorrow! Co-authored with Richard Watson, and illustrated by Cinthya Alvarez, it’s published by DK. Here’s the synopsis…

An illustrated, imaginative exploration of future technology and science for children that carries a message of hope and optimism.

This narrative non-fiction book offers an inclusive and hopeful vision of the future for children aged 7-9, taking inspiration from the latest scientific research.

This highly illustrated book makes complex ideas more accessible and shows the exciting futures that could be ahead. There are eighteen stories that each take inspiration from current research and present engaging, optimistic futures that could result from real-world science, with insets delving into how that science works.

This science book for children offers:

– A combination of sci-fi and science using short fictional descriptions combined with real-world scientific explanations to make the future come alive.
– An optimistic vision of the future with inclusive and diverse content for the generations that will not only live in it but shape it.
– A variety of different topics covered, including a train ride on Mars, life on a Dyson Sphere, a birthday on planet Venus, a trip to the bottom of the sea, and a chat with the extinct animals of the past!

A Children’s Book of the Future provides a diverse and multicultural approach that will appeal to children of all backgrounds. The exploration of future technology and some of the diverse visions explored include a plane ride on one of Saturn’s moons, a journey to a faraway star that is lightyears from Earth, life on a floating city, and living amongst robots. Inspire young changemakers with this book that sets out to reclaim the future for current and future generations of children.

Here’s a sample from inside…

Lavie is the multi-award winning and nominated author of many novels, novellas, and short stories. His recent novels include the critically-acclaimed MAROR and ADAMA (published by Ad Astra/Head of Zeus), and THE CIRCUMFERENCE OF THE WORLD (published by Tachyon Publications).

Lavie’s next novel is SIX LIVES, a literary fiction stand-alone, due to be published by Apollo/Head of Zeus, on August 29th.

Elizabeth Helen’s WOVEN BY GOLD Audiobook Out Now in the UK!

The UK audiobook edition of Elizabeth Helen‘s WOVEN BY GOLD is out today! Published by Magpie, it is the 2nd novel in the authors’ Beasts of the Briar series. The audiobook is narrated by Laurent Darnell, Todd Roddington, Hunter Johns, Robin Speare, and Josie Gold.

Here’s the synopsis…

A curse that must be broken. A human woman who longs for her fae home. Four fae princes who are woven together by fate, and all yearn for the same woman.

Rosie was betrayed and rejected by her mate and sent back to Orca Cove against her wishes, but nothing will stop her from returning to her true home. Rosie and her father team up, trying to get back to the Enchanted Vale so that Rosie can see her Princes again and they can find her mother who has been missing for 25 years.

When Rosie manages to tap into the magic of Castletree and make contact with Prince Ezryn of the Spring Realm, she begs him to bring her home. The remaining Princes having thought that Rosie left of her own volition immediately come and get her and bring her and her father back to the Enchanted Vale.

But Keldarion, High Prince of Winter’s betrayal isn’t the most pressing thing the Princes have to deal with. There is a frost attacking the Autumn Realm and if Rosie and her Princes can’t figure out how to stop it, Autumn will go to war with the Winter Realm.

As the mystery behind the frost comes to a crescendo and an epic battle ensues, Rosie must make a deal with Caspian to protect all those she loves. But the price she has to pay may be too high.

Can Rosie unearth the magic inside herself and save her Princes and the Autumn realm?

The second book in the Beasts of the Briar series, a spicy Beauty and the Beast retelling filled with morally grey characters, a stupidly hot villain and a Princess who has found her Prince charming. All four of them.

The Beasts of the Briar series includes BONDED BY THORNS (also available as an audiobook), WOVEN BY GOLD, FORGED BY MALICE, and the forthcoming BROKEN BY DAYLIGHT (due out on September 10th) — all published by Magpie in the UK. The first three novels are out now in eBook, and UK hardcover editions are due out in four weeks (July 18th).

Zeno represents Elizabeth Helen in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of the JABberwocky Literary Agency in New York.

MOON & RUE by Sian Radford is Out Now!

MOON AND RUE: BABY-LED WEANING MADE EASY, the hotly-anticipated book from TikTok hit creator Sian Radford, is out now! Published by Yellow Kite, here’s the synopsis…

‘Weaning does not have to be complicated. A weaning diet is like any other: it has some rules, certain foods you should prioritise and other foods you’re better off avoiding. But once you’ve learnt those – and I will share everything you need to know in the first section of this book – you can create simple, wholesome, nutritious meals that give your baby everything they need in order to grow and develop.’ – Sian Radford

For many new parents, the weaning process can be daunting and overwhelming. Moon and Rue: Baby Led Weaning Made Easy celebrates the best of the journey, what you need to know, and the do’s and don’ts to get you started. In the hands of Sian, the mama behind Moon and Rue, you will learn what to expect and gain the all-important recipes that millions of Moon and Rue fans have come to love and use day in, day out.

From allergens, milk and nutrients to portion sizes, meal plans and lots of tips and tricks, this book will support you and your little ones on your journey from 0 to 18+ months

Recipes include porridge fingers, first fish and chips, cinnamon teething biscuits, spaghetti Bolognese, mango chicken curry, pancakes, brownies and more!

For more by Sian Radford, be sure to check out her aforementioned, very popular TikTok channel.

Audio Spotlight: LEGENDS & LATTES in Germany!

Today, we just wanted to draw your attention to the German audiobook editions of Travis Baldree‘s acclaimed, best-selling LEGENDS & LATTES and BOOKSHOPS & BONEDUST! Both editions are published by Hörbuch Hamburg, and read by Stefan Kaminski. The German editions were translated by Wolfgang Thon (print and eBook editions published by DTV).

LEGENDS & LATTES is published as MAGIE & MILCHSCHAUM, and here’s the synopsis…

Schwert oder Kaffee? Das ist hier die Frage.

Viv, eine wilde und tapfere Ork-Kriegerin, ist nach Jahren voller Abenteuer und Fährnisse des Kämpfens müde geworden. Sehr zum Unwillen ihrer Gefährten beschließt sie, das Schwert an den Nagel zu hängen – und dafür ein Kaffeehaus zu eröffnen. In der Hafenstadt Thune setzt sie zusammen mit dem Hobbit Cal ihren Plan in die Tat um und lockt mit dem exquisiten Getränk schon bald Krieger, Zwerge und Wesen jeglicher Art an… und leider auch den bösen Elf Fennus, der von Viv ein geheimnisvolles Artefakt stehlen will. Eines Nachts steht das Kaffeehaus in Flammen… aber auch wenn Viv sich mittlerweile in den Succubus Tandri verliebt hat, ist sie alles andere als eingerostet und nimmt den Kampf auf!

BOOKSHOPS & BONEDUST is published as BÜCHER & BARBAREN. Here’s the synopsis…

Keks oder Kampf – das ist jetzt die Frage!

Gerade als Ork-Kriegerin Viv mit ihrer Karriere als Söldnerin bei Rackam’s Ravens durchstarten will, verletzt sie sich bei einem Kampf und wird von der Crew in der Küstenstadt Murk abgesetzt. Verwundet ist Viv gezwungen, ihr Schwert vorerst beiseitezulegen. Bevor sie sich jedoch langweilen kann, trifft sie auf Fern, die sie in die Welt der Bücher entführt, und somit findet Viv ein neues Projekt: die Erneuerung des heruntergekommenen Bücherladens. Auch mit der Zwergin und Bäckerin Maylee verbringt Viv immer mehr Zeit. Doch Murk ist nicht die schläfrige Kleinstadt, für die Viv sie gehalten hat – die Gnomin Gallina will Viv um jeden Preis beweisen, dass sie eine gute Kämpferin für Rackam ist, und dann ist da auch noch ein Neuankömmling, der sein Unwesen in der Stadt treibt…

Both books are published in English by Tor Books (in the UK and in North America). The audiobooks are narrated by the author, and out now!

Ben Aaronovitch’s WINTER’S GIFTS out now in new Paperback Edition!

Ben Aaronovitch‘s latest Rivers of London novella, WINTER’S GIFTS is available today in a new UK paperback edition! The first book to star FBI Agent Kimberley Reynolds, it takes the action to the United States. Published by Gollancz, it is also available as an audiobook (narrated by Penelope Rawlins).

Here’s the synopsis…


When retired FBI Agent Patrick Henderson calls in an ‘X-Ray Sierra India’ incident, the operator doesn’t understand. He tells them to pass it up the chain till someone does.

That person is FBI Special Agent Kimberley Reynolds. Leaving Quantico for snowbound Northern Wisconsin, she finds that a tornado has flattened half the town – and there’s no sign of Henderson.

Things soon go from weird to worse, as neighbours report unsettling sightings, key evidence goes missing, and the snow keeps rising – cutting off the town, with no way in or out…

Something terrible is awakening. As the clues lead to the coldest of cold cases – a cursed expedition into the frozen wilderness – Reynolds follows a trail from the start of the American nightmare, to the horror that still lives on today…

WINTER’S GIFTS is available in North America, too, published by Subterranean Press (in hardcover and eBook).

‘Aaronovitch takes his signature blend of humor and horror across the pond in his gripping 10th Rivers of London urban fantasy… Aaronovitch creates suspense with the question of which locals, if any, his heroine can trust, and the truth is all-the-more satisfying for being revealed only gradually. This supernaturally tinged mystery keeps readers on their toes.’ — Publishers Weekly on WINTER’S GIFTS

‘[A]n enjoyable, entertaining, and well-crafted tale.’Bibliosanctum

‘With her gentle humour, sharp observation skills and amusing intolerance for bad language, agent Reynolds joins the ranks of Tobias and Abigail as thoroughly entertaining viewpoint characters who offer an interesting new perspective on this world, adding depth and variety to a series which continues to entertain and satisfy.’Track of Words

‘[A]n exciting, humorous and well-designed adventure… an excellent addition to this series.’Blue Book Balloon

The next book in the Rivers of London universe is THE MASQUERADES OF SPRING, a novella, which is due out in September.

Lavie Tidhar’s ADAMA Out Tomorrow in a New Paperback Edition!

ADAMA by Lavie Tidhar is out tomorrow in a new paperback edition! Published by Apollo/Head of Zeus, it’s the second novel in the author’s ambitious, asynchronous trilogy about Israel. Here’s the synopsis…


Ruth’s family were in Budapest when the Nazis came.

Now Ruth is in Palestine, amid the bare hills inland from Haifa, breaking the rocky soil of an unyielding land before it breaks her.

With her comrades, her fellow kibbutzniks, she will build a better world. There will be green grass, orange trees and pomegranates, a land that is their own and no one else’s.

So they till their fields, dig their wells, build their homes and forge a new way of living, fiercely proud of their shared pursuit of a dream.

But as one generation begets another, the dream unravels, twisted into a dark tapestry of secrets and lies; sacrificed for revenge, forbidden love and murder.

A sweeping historical epic following four generations of a single family as they struggle to hold on to their land and each other.

The novel is also available as an audiobook, published by W. F. Howes, and narrated by Levi Goldmeier.

ADAMA is an unstoppable masterpiece… Tidhar is a magician, a time-traveler, a historian, a comedian, a raconteur, a subversive, a truth teller and also one of the finest writers around. If history is a nightmare we’re all trying to wake up from, then ADAMA is a trumpet blast that rings out the past and into the future.’ — Junot Diaz

‘A propulsive, decades-spanning noir saga. I couldn’t put it down.’Silvia Moreno-Garcia

‘Lavie Tidhar’s prose is beautiful, his characters lacerating and heartbreaking… I loved it.’Catriona Ward

The first novel in this trilogy is MAROR, which is out now and also published by Head of Zeus.


The Czech edition of Travis Baldree‘s #1 best-selling BOOKSHOPS & BONEDUST is out now! The prequel to LEGENDS & LATTES, it’s published in Czechia by Laser, as KNIHKUPECTVÍ A KOSTNÍ PRACH. The novel was translated by Jitka Čupová. Here’s the synopsis…

Strávit hodiny v obleženém knihkupectví ve společnosti jeho prostořekého majitele je to poslední, co by Viv předpovídala, ale může to být přesně to, co potřebuje – zárodek změn, které si nedokázala představit. Dobrodružství však není tak daleko. Podezřelý cestovatel v šedém, skřítek s čipem na rameni, letní úlet a nepravděpodobné množství koster dokazují, že Murk je rušnější, než by Viv kdy čekala.

Laser also publishes the first book, as LEGENDY A LATÉČKA (also translated by Jitka Čupová).

Both BOOKSHOPS & BONEDUST and LEGENDS & LATTES are published by Tor Books in the UK and North America. Here’s the English-language synopsis for BOOKSHOPS

When an injury throws a young, battle-hungry orc off her chosen path, she may find that what we need isn’t always what we seek.

Set in the world of New York Times bestselling Legends & Lattes, Travis Baldree’s Bookshops & Bonedust takes us on a journey of high fantasy, first loves, and secondhand books.

Viv’s career with the notorious mercenary company Rackam’s Ravens isn’t going as planned.

Wounded during the hunt for a powerful necromancer, she’s packed off against her will to recuperate in the sleepy beach town of Murk—so far from the action that she worries she’ll never be able to return to it.

What’s a thwarted soldier of fortune to do?

Spending her hours at a beleaguered bookshop in the company of its foul-mouthed proprietor is the last thing Viv would have predicted, but it may be both exactly what she needs and the seed of changes she couldn’t possibly imagine.

Still, adventure isn’t all that far away. A suspicious traveler in gray, a gnome with a chip on her shoulder, a summer fling, and an improbable number of skeletons prove Murk to be more eventful than Viv could have ever expected.

BOOKSHOPS & BONEDUST was a best-seller on both sides of the Atlantic, and was a #1 Bestseller in the US.