Ian McDonald’s LUNA YENİ AY Out Now in Turkey!

A new Turkish edition of Ian McDonald‘s acclaimed first Luna novel, NEW MOON, is available now! Published by Salon Yayınları as YENİ AY, it was translated by Zeynep Eski. Here’s the synopsis…

Önce onları yakalıyor…

Sonra da işlerini bitiriyor…

Polis müfettişi dedektif Luc Callanach yeni çalışma ortamına tam adımını atmıştı ki kayıp Elaine vakası ile yüzyüze geldi ve işler sarpasarıp cinayet soruşturmasına dönerek ortalık kızıştı. O İnterpol’deki kariyer vadeden görevinden ayrıldıktan sonra yeni ekibine kendini ispatlama derdinde. Ama anladı ki Edinburgh Lyon’a çok uzakta ve Elaine’nin katili ayakizlerini çok titizce bir dikkatle yok ediyor.

Çok geçmeden başka bir kadın kapısının önünden çok ustaca kaçırılıyor ve Callanach da kendini zamanla yarışta buluyor. Ya da o öyle sanıyor…Kaçırılan kadınların gerçek yazgısı onun tahmin edemeyeceği kadar karmakarışık.

The Luna series is published in the UK by Gollancz, and in North America by Tor BooksNEW MOON is followed by WOLF MOON and MOON RISING. A prequel to the series, THE MENACE FROM FARSIDE, is published by Tor.com. Here’s the English-language synopsis to the first novel…

The Moon wants to kill you. It might not get there first.

Luna is a gripping thriller about five corporate families caught in a bitter battle for supremacy in the harsh environment of the moon. It’s very easy to die on the moon, but with its vast mineral wealth it’s also easy to make your fortune.

Following the fortunes of a handful of disparate characters, from one of the lowliest workers on the moon to the heads of one of the most powerful families, LUNA provides a vast mosaic of life on this airless and terrifying new home for humanity.

This is SF that will be perfect for fans of Kim Stanley Robinson and Ken Macleod alike.

Here are just a few of the many great reviews NEW MOON has received…

‘McDonald… begins his superb near-future series… scintillating, violent, and decadent world. McDonald creates a complex and fascinating civilization featuring believable technology, and the characters are fully developed, with individually gripping stories. Watch for this brilliantly constructed family saga on next year’s award ballots.’ — Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

‘Mafia-style mining families clash in a compelling fantasy that offers up all the pleasures of a cut-throat soap opera in space…That McDonald is able to spin a compelling story from this unforgiving set-up is testament to his skill as a writer… One thing Luna does exceptionally well is to puncture Old Heinlein’s assumption that a frontier society based on the primacy of the family and a disregard of conventional laws would end up like idealised smalltown America. Luna argues that any realistic future colonisation of the moon will be much more The Sopranos than The Waltons. LUNA is as gripping as it is colourful, and as colourful as it is nasty.’ — Guardian

No one writes like Ian McDonald, and no one’s Moon is nearly so beautiful and terrible… Ian McDonald’s never written a bad novel, but this is a great Ian McDonald novel… McDonald has ten details for every detail proffered by other sf writers. Not gratuitous details, either: gracious ones. The fashion sense of William Gibson, the design sense of Bruce Sterling, the eye for family drama of Connie Willis, the poesie of Bradbury, and the dirty sex of Kathe Koja and Samuel Delany… McDonald’s moon is omnisexual, kinky, violent, passionate, beautiful, awful, vibrant and crushing. As the family saga of the Cortas unravels, we meet a self-sexual ninja lawyer, a werewolf who loses his mind in the Full Earth, a family tyrant whose ruthlessness is matched only by his crepulance, and a panoply of great passions and low desires. LUNA: NEW MOON is the first book of a two-book cycle. Now I’m all a-quiver for the next one.‘ — BoingBoing

‘Fans of cerebral, high-concept science fiction will love this exploration of society on the moon many decades after it has been colonized. The focus is more on concept and plot than on character, but the former are compelling enough to make this an addictive page-turner. Including the stories of many characters gives the reader important insights into different facets of society, and although the book starts at a slow pace, it accelerates into a mesmerizing political thriller.’ — RT Book Reviews

LUNA: NEW MOON is the best moon novel I’ve seen in many years, but it’s also something of a piece with the recent movement on the part of Paul McAuley, Kim Stanley Robinson, and oth­ers to confine novels to the solar system, out of a realistic assessment that this is likely all we’ll have to work with – but McDonald takes this a step further. Possibly the most chilling lines in the book for an SF reader come from Adriana herself, in her own narrative: ‘‘There was no law, no justice,’’ she writes, ‘‘only management. The moon was the frontier, but it was the frontier to nothing. There was nowhere to run.’’ Inasmuch as it challenges one of the cherished master narratives of SF, in which the moon is only a stepping-stone, and despite what it owes to the tropes of ’70s-era social melodrama, McDon­ald’s novel has some formidable SF stingers not far beneath its densely textured surface.’ — Locus

Ian’s latest novel is the highly-acclaimed stand-alone HOPELAND, also published by Gollancz (UK) and Tor Books (North America).


Today, Gollancz publishes a new collection of Roger Zelazny‘s short fiction, THE BEST OF ROGER ZELAZNY! Widely known for his multi-award-winning novels and series, this is a great opportunity for readers — old and new alike — to try his short fiction. The collection is published as part of Gollancz’s SF Masterworks series.

Here’s the synopsis…

From the far reaches of space to the hidden corners of Earth, from aliens to wizards and everything in between…

One of the most influential SFF writers of modern times, Roger Zelazny wrote across a wide range of subgenres and themes, experimenting with form and story with mastery. He won many awards throughout his lifetime, including six Hugo awards, three Nebula awards and two Locus awards. He has inspired many of today’s great SFF authors.

This new collection contains a selection of his short stories and novellas which span the depth and breadth of the human imagination.

As part of the SF Masterworks series, Gollancz also publishes Zelanzy’s Chronicles of Amber series (in two omnibus editions) and the stand-alone novels ROADMARKS and LORD OF LIGHT.

Judge Dee Investigates the THE LOCKED COFFIN!

We’re very happy to share the news that there’s a new Judge Dee short story by Lavie Tidhar! Published by Tor.com — on their website, and also as an eBookTHE LOCKED COFFIN is the sixth outing for the author’s vampire sleuth. The cover is by Red Nose Studio. Here’s the synopsis…

While visiting the mysterious castle of Maidstone for an investigation, Judge Dee and Jonathan discover the only thing more menacing than a vampire child is twin vampire children…

The first five Judge Dee tales are out now (also with fantastic covers by Red Nose Studio), also available on Tor.com and as eBooks.

Lavie’s latest novels are ADAMA (Apollo/Head of Zeus) and THE CIRCUMFERENCE OF THE WORLD (Tachyon) — both out now.

LEGENDS & LATTES UK Paperback Edition Out Today!

The UK paperback edition of Travis Baldree‘s acclaimed, internationally best-selling debut novel, LEGENDS & LATTES is out today! Published by Tor Books, here’s the synopsis…

Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree is a cosy, heartwarming slice-of-life fantasy about found families and fresh starts…

High fantasy, low stakes – with a double-shot of coffee.

After decades of adventuring, Viv the orc barbarian is finally hanging up her sword for good. Now she sets her sights on a new dream – for she plans to open the first coffee shop in the city of Thune. Even though no one there knows what coffee actually is.

If Viv wants to put the past behind her, she can’t go it alone. And help might arrive from unexpected quarters. Yet old rivals and new stand in the way of success. And Thune’s shady underbelly could make it all too easy for Viv to take up the blade once more.

But the true reward of the uncharted path is the travellers you meet along the way. Whether bound by ancient magic, delicious pastries or a freshly brewed cup, they may become something deeper than Viv ever could have imagined…

LEGENDS & LATTES is also available in paperback in North America, published by Tor Books.

Here is just a small selection taken from the incredible reviews the novel has received since it was first published and became a word-of-mouth bestseller…

‘This is a story about following your dreams, even when they take you away from who you thought you had to be. It’s sweet, beautiful and, most of all, kind. I hugely recommend this book.’ — Seanan McGuireNew York Times bestselling author of Every Heart A Doorway

‘The most fun I’ve ever had in a coffee shop.’ — Ben Aaronovitch, bestselling author of Rivers of London

‘A gentle little cozy set against an epic fantasy backdrop… This charming outing will please anyone who’s ever wished to spend time in a fantasy world without all the quests and battles.’ — Publishers Weekly

‘This slice-of-life cozy fantasy novel has everything you’ve been searching for.’ — Buzzfeed

‘An orc retires from adventuring to start a fantasy city’s very first coffee shop. This setup combined with the positive messages of defying societal stereotypes, letting go of violence to build peace, and trusting in your friends feels like a premise from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld… LEGENDS & LATTES is a novel, and shop, that will delight anyone who enjoys coffee-shop alternate universes, slow-burn romances, and the vindication of friendship.’ — Booklist, starred review

LEGENDS & LATTES isn’t just a cosy, slice-of-life fantasy, it is a hug after a long day, it’s that first bite of chocolate you’ve been desperately craving or that first sip of coffee, it’s pyjamas and blankets and everything else which brings comfort and warmth. This is a tale so simple yet so wholesome and adorable, it has made me see just how versatile the fantasy genre can be… Believe the hype… this book deserves all the praise… Baldree delivers a tale to soothe the soul, a tale which had me smiling and crying with happiness from beginning to end.’ — Fantasy Hive

The author’s next novel, BOOKSHOPS & BONEDUST, is a prequel to LEGENDS & LATTES — it is out in just a few weeks (November 7th and 9th, in North America and the UK).


The fourth (and final) issue in the latest Rivers of London comic series, HERE BE DRAGONS is out now! Written by Ben Aaronovitch, Andrew Cartmel, and James Swallow, it’s published by Titan Comics in print and digital versions. Here’s the brief synopsis…

After a Met Police helicopter on night patrol is attacked by an unidentified aerial phenomena, the Met’s only sanctioned wizard, Peter Grant, and his mentor, Thomas Nightingale, are called in to investigate.

Series artwork is by José María Beroy, and the cover for this issue are by Vv Glass.

HERE BE DRAGONS is the eleventh Rivers of London comic series — all of which are published by Titan Comics. The comics fit into the larger chronology and story of Ben’s Peter Grant/Rivers of London fiction series. The first 10 series are now available in collected editions, as well as single issues. If you’d like to know how the comics, novels, and novellas all fit together chronologically, check out this handy graphic from Titan Comics…

Out Now: THE WAKING OF ANGANTYR by Marie Brennan!

Marie Brennan‘s latest superb fantasy novel, THE WAKING OF ANGANTYR, is out now in the UK! Published by Titan Books, here’s the synopsis…

The bondmaid Hervor is used to dead men whispering in her sleep. They’ve been doing it for as long as she can remember; it’s the living she has to watch out for. And when a new arrival at her holding triggers her into a berserker fury, she’s forced to flee the contract that enslaves her and into the arms of an uncertain future.

Unchained from the living, Hervor goes in search of a way to silence the dead, but it will take much more than grit and determination to make that happen. She’ll need the help of a ruthless Viking, an ailing jarl, a mad witch, and more — for the treachery that killed her ghosts isn’t nearly as dead as they are, and the path to peace must first traverse a river of blood.

Titan Books also publishes the author’s Memoirs of Lady Trent and Onyx Court series in the UK.

Zeno represents Marie Brennan in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of the Jabberwocky Literary Agency in New York.

THE BEST OF WORLD SF, Volume 3 is Out Now!

THE BEST OF WORLD SF, Volume 3 is out now! Curated and edited by Lavie Tidhar, it is published by AdAstra/Head of Zeus. Here’s the synopsis…

The Best of World SF series is a fixture on the global science fiction scene. If you want to find the most exciting SF authors writing today, look no further.

In this third instalment, you’ll discover alien artists, rioting dinosaurs, shape-shifting rabbits, heartbreak-harvesting cafes and one robot on a quest for meaning. You will be transported to the stars and back down to Earth and sideways, with the order of the world turned upside down.

Featuring authors from Austria, Bulgaria, China, Finland, Ghana, Greece, India, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, the Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Singapore and South Africa, this collection’s stories have been selected by award-winning writer, editor and World SF expert Lavie Tidhar.

The most exciting science fiction on the planet comes from all corners of the globe. And it’s all in the Best of World SF series.

Here is the full table of contents for the anthology:

  1. “A Minor Kalahari” by Diana Rahim (Singapore)
  2. “Behind Her, Trailing Like Butterfly Wings” by Daniela Tomova (Bulgaria)
  3. “Cloudgazer” by Timi Odueso (Nigeria)
  4. “The EMO Hunter” by Mandisi Nkomo (South Africa)
  5. “Tloque Nahuaque” by Nelly Geraldine García-Rosas (Mexico) — translated by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
  6. “The Walls of Benin City” by M.H. Ayinde (UK)
  7. “The Foodie Federation’s Dinosaur Farm” by Luo Longxiang (China) — translated by Andy Dudak
  8. “The Day The World Turned Upside Down” by Thomas Olde Heuvelt (The Netherlands) — translated by Lia Belt
  9. “The Worldless” by Indrapramit Das (India)
  10. “Now You Feel It” by Andrea Chapela (Mexico) — translated by Emma Törzs
  11. “Act of Faith” by Fadzlishah Johanabas (Malaysia)
  12. “Godmother” by Cheryl S. Ntumy (Ghana)
  13. “I Call Upon the Night as Witness” by Zahra Mukhi (Pakistan)
  14. “Sulfur” by Dmitry Glukhovsky (Russia) — translated by Marian Schwartz
  15. “Proposition 23” by Efe Okogu (Nigeria)
  16. “Root Rot” by Fargo Tbakhi (US)
  17. “Catching the K-Beast” by Chen Qian (China) — translated by Carmen Yiling Yan
  18. “Two Moons” by Elena Pavlova (Bulgaria) — translated by Kalin M. Nenov and Elena Pavlova
  19. “Symbiosis Theory” by Choyeop Kim (Korea) — translated by Joungmin Lee Comfort
  20. “My Country is a Ghost” by Eugenia Triantafyllou (Greece)
  21. “Old People’s Folly” by Nora Schinnerl (Austria)
  22. “Echoes of a Broken Mind” by Christine Lucas (Greece)
  23. “Have Your #Hugot Harvested at This Diwata-Owned Café” by Vida Cruz (Philippines)
  24. “Order C345” by Sheikha Helawy (Palestine) — translated by Raphael Cohen
  25. “Dark Star” by Vraiux Dorós (Mexico) — translated by Toshiya Kamei
  26. “An excerpt from ‘A Door Opens: The Beginning of the Fall of the Ispancialo-in-Hinirang (Emprensa Press: 2007)’ by Salahuddin Alonto, Annotated by Omar Jamad Maududi, MLS, HOL, JMS.” by Dean Francis Alfar (Philippines)
  27. “Ootheca” by Mário de Seabra Coelho (Portugal)
  28. “Where The Trains Turn” by Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen (Finland) — translated by Liisa Rantalaiho

The first two volumes in the series are also published by AdAstra/Head of Zeus, available now in paperback.

Here are just a few of the many great reviews the series has received so far…

There is not a poor story here… nice balance between light and harder stories… IMMERSION by Aliette de Bodard reads like hard Sci Fi but digs a little deeper… As a group, the stories on offer within THE BEST OF WORLD SF Volume 1 are so strong… This is a great introduction to what the rest of the world has to offer.’ — SF Book Reviews

‘Rare and wonderful’ — The Times (UK)

‘In addition to being an award-winning sci-fi writer, Israeli-born UK-based Lavie Tidhar is also a tireless champion of international sci-fi… an excellent, lovingly curated collection that is also uniformly well translated.’ — Financial Times

‘Tidhar has assembled a weighty and impressive collection of 26 stories by authors from around the world, several of them appearing in English for the first time. The variety and diversity of the material on offer is refreshing, the quality does not waver, and the translations are top-notch.’ — Financial Times (Summer Books of 2021: Science Fiction)

‘Stories like these are the ones you sometimes want to foist upon readers who claim not to like SF, and The Best of World SF: Volume 1 reminds us that such stories can come from anywhere these days, if only we get to see them. I look forward to future volumes.’ — Locus (Gary K. Wolfe)

‘Now this book exists, it feels absurd it didn’t exist sooner… hefty, beautifully presented collection… an excellent samples and delight in itself… fizzes with great ideas and wonderful writing.’ — SFX (5*)

‘[Tidhar] is really a pioneer… He was looking at writers from Malaysia, from Africa, from China, from Japan when no one was really doing that. You might get some stories here and there from other parts of the world. But the way that he constructed this global structure of science fiction and looked at science fiction not as a monoculture but as a vibrant sphere for people to speak from all over the world, and the promotion he gave that over the long term and pushing it on and on in an independent space, is exciting to see and inspiring.’ — Silvia Moreno-Garcia

‘… offers robots, spaceships, time travel, and a few weird stories, showcasing authors from five continents and over twenty countries. On top of that is plenty of optimism, plenty of stories that start as one thing and then become something completely different, and plenty of envelope pushing… Once you read one story by some of these folks, you’ll be itching for more. A truly enjoyable anthology with something for everyone…’ — Apex Magazine

‘Tidhar brings together another outstanding assortment of international sci-fi shorts, showcasing 29 thought-provoking stories… This sweeping survey rewards the time it demands of its readers with a bold and powerful argument for non-Anglophone SF’s potential to push the genre’s boundaries.’ — Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

‘“Fresh” is an overused word in book reviews, but Lavie Tidhar’s second trawl of recent science fiction from around the world earns the compliment… For my money, this volume is stronger than the last. It is certainly creepier… The few comic tales here sparkle against a dark ground… We need this anthology, and we need editors like Tidhar.’ — The Times (Book of the Month, November 2022)

Aliette de Bodard’s A FIRE BORN OF EXILE is Out Tomorrow!

Aliette de Bodard‘s latest Xuya masterpiece, A FIRE BORN OF EXILE is out tomorrow! To be published by Gollancz in the UK and JABberwocky in North America, here’s the synopsis…

The Scattered Pearls Belt is a string of habitats under tight military rule… where the powerful have become all too comfortable in their positions, and their corruption. But change is coming, with the arrival of Quynh: the mysterious and enigmatic Alchemist of Streams and Hills.

To Minh, daughter of the ruling prefect of the Belt, Quynh represents a chance for escape. To Hoà, a destitute engineer, Quynh has a mysterious link to her own past… and holds a deeper, more sensual appeal. But Quynh has her own secret history, and a plan for the ruling class of the Belt. A plan that will tear open old wounds, shake the heavens, and may well consume her.

A beautiful exploration of the power of love, of revenge, and of the wounds of the past, this fast-paced, heartwarming space opera is set against a backdrop of corruption, power, and political scheming in the far reaches of the award-winning Xuya universe.

The gorgeous covers are by Alyssa Winans (UK) and Ravven (North America).

Here are just a few of the great reviews the novel has received so far…

‘Incredible… This is a world of dizzying tech, gorgeous illusions and twisty political thrills — catnip for readers who enjoyed Ann Leckie’s Imperial Radch trilogy or Jacqueline Koyanagi’s “Ascension.”’New York Times

‘… intricate and emotional standalone space opera…  de Bodard’s worldbuilding dazzles… a touching sci-fi romance that will delight fans and new readers alike.’ — Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

[A]n elaborate tale of revenge, courtly machinations, filial relationships, and a romance… As usual in the Xuya stories, de Bodard weaves a solid adventure; this stands alone and so might be a perfect introduction to the series.’ — Booklist

‘A tense, accomplished space opera, told with de Bodard’s usual vividness and verve.’Locus


The highly anticipated new novel from Tim Powers, MY BROTHER’S KEEPER is out this week — on Thursday, to be exact (October 12th)! Published by Head of Zeus, here’s the synopsis…

Howarth, 1846. The edge of the Yorkshire moors.

Here, in solitude, live a widowed parish priest and his family: three daughters and their single brother.

Though the future will celebrate the three daughters, right now they are unknown, their genius concealed. In just a few short years, they will all be dead.

And it will be middle daughter Emily’s chance encounter with a grievously wounded man on the moor that sets them on the path to their doom.

My Brother’s Keeper introduces an ancient secret haunting the moors, a dark inheritance in the family bloodline and something terrible buried under an ogham-inscribed slab in the church.

An atmospheric, claustrophobic gothic novel from a revered fantasy author… featuring… have you not guessed yet?

Here are just a couple of great recent reviews the novel has received…

‘[A]n impressive mash-up of literary biography and werewolf lore… Through all the supernatural drama, the shifting family dynamic remains the heart of the story and their domestic travails prove just as harrowing as any paranormal showdown. The result is a treat for Powers’s fans and Brontë lovers alike.’ Publishers Weekly

‘A masterly, compelling, and moving tale that places Tim Powers among the greatest fantasy writers of his or any generation. Countless novels have involved the Brontë family, but none would so surely please and enchant them as this one. MY BROTHER’S KEEPER is a pure delight.’Dean Koontz

‘Combines the Brontës, a mysterious cult, and werewolves… run, don’t walk, to your bookstore for this decadent Gothic bonbon.’ Silvia Moreno-Garcia

MY BROTHER’S KEEPER is at its strongest when deftly mixing real-world biography with the stuff of horror… an eerie period piece perfectly well-suited to darkening October nights.’Wall Street Journal

‘… a joltingly good read… Powers brilliantly weaves through the hallowed family history a tale of ancient Irish curses, consumptive ghosts, fairylands and a werewolf cult that is blighting the North Country. It’s gruesome, gripping stuff as the fearless Emily, aided by her dog Pilot, forces her family to confront uncomfortable truths and lay a curse to rest.’Daily Mail (UK)

Looking for more novels by Powers? The author’s Fault Lines trilogy is published by Gollancz, as part of their Fantasy Masterworks series; other novels of his have been published in the UK by Corvus.

Gary Wigglesworth’s THE BOOK LOVER’S QUIZ BOOK 2 is Out Now!

THE BOOK LOVER’S QUIZ BOOK 2, Gary Wigglesworth‘s acclaimed new book, is out now! Published by Robinson, here’s the synopsis…

Put your bookworm reputation on the line and prove your literary knowledge with this collection of quizzes for book whizzes.

Book lovers can answer questions by themselves or host a quiz among friends with twenty-four quizzes to keep you guessing with a variety of question styles including:
– ‘Blankety Books’, where you must fill in the missing word in each title
– Anagrams to decipher
– ‘Two of a Kind’, where you must identify a character and author who share the same initials
– Guess the book with ‘Say What You See’ pictures and badly drawn covers
– ‘Book Bingo’

The quizzes are carefully weighted so avid bookworms will get a workout, while more casual readers can still have lots of fun having a go. All questions are designed to aid guessing, with multiple-choice answers and hints, and make the reader smile with amusing wrong answers, clever red herrings, little-known facts and footnotes.

Robinson also published the first Book Lover’s Quiz Book, which Val McDermid called ‘The perfect gift for quizzers’. Be sure to follow Gary’s Twitter account for news and updates about upcoming quizzes he’s running!

Here are just a few of the early reviews for the new quiz book…

‘A delightful book that leads to yet more delightful books – there are no wrong answers, because every time you can’t answer the question you’ll be excited that has led to a book that you need to get to know. Best read near a library’ — Robin Ince

‘For someone like me who loves books and loves quizzes, this is perfection. But I’m struggling to answer the question, “Is this a book about quizzes or a quiz about books?”‘ — Charlie Higson, writer, comedian and actor

‘An entertaining challenge for all book-lovers’ — Claire Fuller, award-winning author of Unsettled Ground

‘Delightfully twisty questions to find out whether you’re the greatest of the book nerds’ — Ben Aaronovitch

‘There aren’t many sequels that outdo the original — The Godfather II. Home Alone 2. Aliens. To that limited list we need to add THE BOOK LOVER’S QUIZ BOOK 2. Bookworms rejoice! It’s even wittier, wiser and more challenging than the excellent original’ — Peter Hanington, author of the William Carver novels

‘The questions are brilliantly funny, wide-ranging and surprising’ — Bethan Roberts, author of My Policeman

‘Perfect for the home, the pub or waiting in a queue, THE BOOK LOVER’S QUIZ BOOK 2 will remind you of your favourite books and give you a list of new ones to search out. The questions range from “I know that!” to ones that will make your brain attempt a desperate bid for freedom. In other words, an absolute delight of a book’ — Johnny Mains, award-winning editor and creator of Dead Funny: Horror Stories By Comedians

Alice Bell’s GRAVE EXPECTATIONS UK Paperback Edition Out Tomorrow!

The UK paperback edition of Alice Bell‘s acclaimed debut novel, GRAVE EXPECTATIONS is out tomorrow! Published by Corvus Books, here’s the synopsis…

Claire and Sophie aren’t your typical murder investigators . . .

When 30-something freelance medium Claire Hendricks is invited to an old university friend’s country pile to provide entertainment for a family party, her best friend Sophie tags along. In fact, Sophie rarely leaves Claire’s side, because she’s been haunting her ever since she was murdered at the age of seventeen.

On arrival at The Cloisters it quickly becomes clear that this family is hiding more than just the good china, as Claire learns someone has recently met an untimely end at the house.

Teaming up with the least unbearable members of the Wellington-Forge family – depressive ex-cop Basher and teenage radical Alex – Claire and Sophie determine to figure out not just whodunnit, but who they killed, why and when.

Together they must race against incompetence to find the murderer – before the murderer finds them… in this funny, modern, media-literate mystery for the My Favourite Murder generation.

The novel is also out now in North America, published by Vintage Books.

Here are just a few of the great reviews the novel has received so far…

‘Read this fabulous book — you will not regret it!’ — Ben Aaronovitch

‘Fast, funny and furious, this book has bags of humour, bags of heart and a proper murder mystery at its core’ — Janice Hallett

‘A delicious mashup of grisly murder, country house and semi-helpful ghosts – imagine a really cockeyed game of Cluedo heavily seasoned with whimsy … it’s a lot of fun’ — Stuart MacBride

‘Knives Out vibes with added ghosts. Fresh, funny and hugely enjoyable.’ — Catherine Ryan Howard

‘A great read, with great characters, lots of humour, some misty-eyed moments and lots of swearing. Utterly delightful – like the BBC show Ghosts mixed with Cluedo’ — Simon Toyne

‘This book positively lit up my weekends with its cosy, affectionate, funny, awkward brand of ghostly crime-solving. Perfect for fans of BBC’s Ghosts, Alice Bell has a keen eye for characterisation and the ridiculous, creating a story that will both send chills down your spine and wrap you up in a hug.’ — Ally Wilkes

‘Witty, addictive, and breathes some much needed (undead) life into the cosy crime murder mystery genre’ — Adam Simcox

‘Bell shines in her sharp, funny debut, a supernatural whodunit centered on medium-for-hire Claire Hendricks… The adroit plotting, which cannily plays with mystery tropes, is amply leavened with humor.’ — Publishers Weekly

‘As murder mysteries go, this one is certainly unique… A fun and surprising character-driven whodunnit.’ — Heat (UK)

‘Alice Bell weaves a fun, gripping murder mystery with a supernatural spin.’ — Woman’s Own (UK)

‘[T]he lightly acerbic style is a delight and the interaction between inept-but-dogged millennial Claire and eternal teenager Sophie – whose death remains a mystery – offers plenty of spooky fun. More, please.’ — Guardian

Lavie Tidhar’s LA SCAPPATOIA Out Now in Italy!

The Italian edition of Lavie Tidhar‘s stand-alone novel, THE ESCAPEMENT is out now! Published by Zona 42, as LA SCAPPATOIA, here’s the synopsis…

Lo Straniero cavalca lungo i sentieri selvaggi della Scappatoia. È un uomo solitario, in missione per salvare suo figlio in questo strano mondo alieno invaso da un’umanità che, tra avidità e speranza, cerca nuove opportunità oltre la frontiera. Ma nella Scappatoia è facile perdersi, i suoi spazi sono mutevoli, e imprevedibile è il paesaggio che lo Straniero si trova ad attraversare. A incrociare il suo cammino ci saranno tagliagole senza scrupoli e improbabili eroi, giganti di pietra e pagliacci oppressi, e la minaccia delle spettacolari tempeste di simboli scatenate dalla guerra infinita degli esseri formidabili che governano questa realtà. La Scappatoia è popolata da misteri profondi e bizzarri, ma lo Straniero ha una missione ed è inarrestabile. Con il tempo che sta per scadere, dovrà penetrare nel cuore segreto di un mondo inimmaginabile per raggiungere la sua meta, in attesa oltre le Montagne dell’Oscurità. Tra echi western e suggestioni weird, Lavie Tidhar accompagna il lettore in un tour de force immaginifico attraverso un mondo che è insieme rifugio, minaccia e, forse, l’unica speranza di salvare una vita in pericolo.

The North American/UK edition is published by Tachyon Publications. Here’s the English-language synopsis…

In this dazzling new novel evoking Westerns, surrealism, epic fantasy, mythology, and circus extravaganzas, World Fantasy Award winner Lavie Tidhar (Central Station) has created an incomparable dreamscape of dark comedy, heartbreak, hope, and adventure. Chronicling a lone man’s quest in parallel worlds, The Escapement offers the archetypal darkness of Stephen King’s The Gunslinger within the dark whimsy of a child’s imagination.

Into the Escapement rides the Stranger, a lone gunman on a quest to rescue his son in a strange parallel reality. But it is easy to lose one’s way on an endlessly shifting, unpredictable landscape. Especially in a place full of dangerous mirror-images of a child’s beloved things: lawless heroes, giants made of stone, downtrodden clowns, spectacular symbol storms, and an endless war between gods and shadowy beings.

As the Stranger has learned, the Escapement is a dreamscape of deep mysteries, unlikely allies, and unwinnable battles. Yet the flower the he seeks still lies beyond the Mountains of Darkness. Time is running out as the Stranger journeys deeper into the secret heart of an unimaginable world.

In his most compelling work to date, Lavie Tidhar has delivered a multicolored tapestry of dazzling imagery. The Escapement is an epic, wildly original chronicle of the extraordinary lengths to which one will go for love.

Here are just a few of the great reviews the novel has received so far…

‘A delightfully cacophonous novel, teeming with character… Tidhar’s latest offering transports readers to a liminal otherworld of spaghetti Western pastiche… The author draws from an eclectic mix of sources to create a dazzling story that is more than the sum of its parts, and much of the fun of reading it comes from recognizing its homages.’ — Kirkus

‘[F]uriously inventive and wildly eclectic… Among the most visual and even cinematic of Tidhar’s novels… it’s also, in the end, a surprisingly touching reminder of how such quests can begin in heartache.’ — Locus (Gary K. Wolfe)

‘Dazzling… Those who enter THE ESCAPEMENT should strap themselves in for horrors and wonders galore. Filled with contorted fairy tales, myths, and familiar stories, Lavie Tidhar’s latest novel is both a fantastical diversion and a moving articulation of deep parental love.’ — Foreword

‘To say THE ESCAPEMENT is unique sells it way short. It’s part weird western and part quest; half dream and half epic adventure tale set in a memorable Daliesque landscape. Tidhar lets his imagination run wild in this vivid book, all told in spare, beautiful prose. Also, there are clowns. Lots of clowns.’ — Richard Kadrey, bestselling author of the Sandman Slim series

‘Comic, tragic, and utterly magnificent — a masterpiece of fantasy. Lavie Tidhar has crafted a wonderfully strange and surreal world in THE ESCAPEMENT, setting a liminal stage for both a gripping adventure and a poignant meditation on grief. I can’t wait to read it again.’ — Samantha Shannon, author of The Priory of The Orange Tree

‘Can we just all admit now that Lavie Tidhar’s a genius? He’s written another brilliant book-a beautiful fever dream that somehow manages to be laugh-out-loud funny, psychedelically weird, and deeply moving.’ — Daryl Gregory

‘With THE ESCAPEMENT, Lavie Tidhar fearlessly crests the wave of the New New Weird with a wild, decadent hybrid of The Dark Tower and Carnivale. A vivid beach read, if the beach was made of greasepaint and gunpowder.’ — Catherynne M. Valente

Brandon Sanderson’s YUMI AND THE NIGHTMARE PAINTER Out Now in the UK!

Brandon Sanderson‘s third Secret Projects novel, YUMI AND THE NIGHTMARE PAINTER is out now in the UK! Published by Gollancz, here’s the synopsis…

From Number 1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson – creator of The Stormlight Archive, the Mistborn Saga, and countless bestselling works of science fiction and fantasy – comes this gripping story set in the Cosmere universe told by Hoid, where two people from incredibly different cultures must work together to save their worlds from certain disaster.

Yumi has spent her entire life in strict obedience, granting her the power to summon the spirits that bestow vital aid upon her society – but she longs for even a single day as a normal person. Painter patrols the dark streets dreaming of being a hero – a goal that has led to nothing but heartache and isolation, leaving him always on the outside looking in. In their own ways, both of them face the world alone.

Suddenly flung together, Yumi and Painter must strive to right the wrongs in both their lives, reconciling their past and present while maintaining the precarious balance of each of their worlds. If they cannot unravel the mystery of what brought them together before it’s too late, they risk forever losing not only the bond growing between them, but the very worlds they’ve always struggled to protect.

‘This was utterly brilliant and satisfying. YUMI AND THE NIGHTMARE PAINTER will be the best of the secret project novels, and it is easily one of Sanderson’s finest books in his career’ — Novel Notions

The first two novels in the Secret Projects series are out now, also published by Gollancz in the UK: TRESS OF THE EMERALD SEA and THE FRUGAL WIZARD’S HANDBOOK FOR SURVIVING MEDIEVAL ENGLAND.

Zeno represents Brandon Sanderson in the UK and Commonwealth, on behalf of the JABberwocky Literary Agency in New York.

New RIVERS OF LONDON Graphic Novel Boxset Out Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Titan Comics are due to release a third Rivers of London graphic novel boxset, including the seventh, eighth, and ninth books! Written by Ben Aaronovitch and Andrew Cartmel, and based on Ben’s series of novels and novellas in the same world, here’s the synopsis…

A stunning box set edition of the bestselling graphic novels in the Rivers of London series, starring Ben Aaronovitch’s laconic trainee wizard and budding detective, Peter Grant.

Vol 7: ACTION AT A DISTANCE — Thomas Nightingale is a man of immense power, one of the most highly revered magicians in Europe, but with a guarded past. Hidden within the archives of London Metropolitan Police’s Special Assessment Unit, Detective Constable Peter Grant is about to uncover a brief glimpse into his mentor’s history.

Vol 8: THE FEY AND THE FURIOUS — When a Mitsubishi Eclipse washes up on the shores of the Netherlands,
officers are surprised to find some unusual cargo in its boot. Fortunately, unusual cargo just so happens to be wizarding-cop Peter Grant’s speciality. Infiltrating illegal street races, Peter hopes to find the supplier, but instead quickly finds himself speeding into a whole new world of trouble, where old enemies await.

Vol 9: MONDAY, MONDAY — What starts as a routine undercover operation to break up an organised teenage pickpocket gang turns into something far more dangerous when the Metropolitan police are confronted by a Swedish werewolf who’ll stop at nothing to avoid capture. Now it’s up to full-time cop and part-time wizard Peter Grant and his cohort of chums to hunt the deadly lycanthrope and bring him to heel!

Series artwork is by Brian Williamson (Vol.7), Stefani Renne (Vol.7), Lee Sullivan (Vol.8), and José María Beroy (Vol.9).

The latest story-arc in the Rivers of London comic series, HERE BE DRAGONS, is currently ongoing — it is co-authored by Ben, Andrew, and James Swallow.


In time for Halloween, there’s a new Russian edition of Roger Zelazny‘s acclaimed and fan-favourite A NIGHT IN THE LONESOME OCTOBER! Hailed by Neil Gaiman as ‘one of Zelazny’s finest books’, Ночь в тоскливом октябре is published by Эксмо, and here’s the synopsis…

Добро пожаловать в Лондон конца XIX века! Под покровом тумана этого промозглого октября сойдутся в Великой Игре известнейшие персоны своего времени, а также их питомцы-помощники. Великий сыщик, граф, пробуждающийся по ночам, таинственный учёный и его создание — игроки не афишируют своих имён, но вы наверняка узнаете их без труда. А наградой победителю станет возможность изменить весь существующий мир…

Переиздание классического романа Грандмастера фэнтези в трендовом оформлении.

The novel is also available in the UK, published by Farrago Books, and has been published and translated widely around the world. Here are just a few of the international editions’ covers…

Here’s the English-language synopsis…

All is not what it seems…

In the murky London gloom, a knife-wielding gentleman named Jack prowls the midnight streets with his faithful watchdog Snuff – gathering together the grisly ingredients they will need for an ancient and unearthly rite. For soon after the death of the moon, black magic will summon the Elder Gods back into the world. And all manner of Players, both human and undead, are preparing to participate.

Some have come to open the gates. Some have come to slam them shut. And now the dread night approaches – so let the Game begin.

Finally, here are just a handful of the great reviews the novel has received…

‘One of Zelazny’s most delightful books: Jack the Ripper’s dog Snuff narrates a mad game of teams to cause or prevent armageddon.’ — Neil Gaiman

‘The last great novel by one of the giants of the genre.’ — George R.R. Martin

‘A madcap blend of horror tropes and fantasy… There aren’t many authors who would set out to write a novel in which the Wolfman and Jack the Ripper were the two heroes… And I’m not sure anyone else could have made it work.’ — Science Fiction Chronicle

‘Sparkling, witty, delightful. Zelazny’s best for ages, perhaps his best ever.’ — Kirkus Reviews

‘A cheerful, witty, well-crafted fantasy… Its deft, understated good humor and spare, poetic prose reaffirm Zelazny as one of fantasy’s most skilled practitioners.’ — Publishers Weekly